Member Showcase – Enterprise North (Kevin Byrne) – Q & A

As a leading local advocacy group what made you choose Art Work Spaces as your office space in Cairns?

For one, it is locally owned and also, I’ve known the Kamsler family for a long period of time – ever since I came to Cairns. They’re people whom I admire greatly, and I know how professional they are.

What do you love most about AWS?
I like the flexibility of it. I like the ambiance; it’s tastefully designed and it’s very very functional. And of course, it’s beautifully located for me. It’s right in the heart of the CBD.

Are you a breakfast or an after 5 drinks kinda guy?

I love breakfast meetings. I’m more a breakfast person where I can achieve a lot. If I start the day with a breakfast meeting, I find that it sets the tone for the day.

What’s your all time favourite movie?
It’s one that probably won’t resonate with many people – The Dead Poet’s Society.

What do you love most about Cairns?

I just love the tropical ambiance of Cairns and I love that it’s an internationally connected regional city. Until recently you could fly anywhere in the world out of Cairns. I hope we get back to that soon!

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?
It would be the late President Kennedy of the United States because he led the United States in probably the most tumultuous time, in the post war history of the world.

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