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Art Work Spaces was founded by a family who pioneered the hotel industry in Far North Queensland.

The Hotelisation of Office Space

by | 16 December, 2022

Emerging data is proving that as commercial tenants requirements, expectations and demands set new benchmarks, landlords cannot stand idly by. This paradigm shift requires property owners to adopt a fundamentally different approach to leasing. At Art Work Spaces (AWS), the owners identified this developing global trend a number of years ago and that’s how the Art Work Spaces strong focus on hospitality was born.

Art Work Spaces was founded by a family who pioneered the hotel industry in Far North Queensland. The Kamsler family, now led by brothers Paul and Mark Kamsler, developed the very first hotel in Cairns. So their inbuilt passion for exceptional service has always been a pillar of the businesses they create and it is a fundamental principle their team live by when they are looking after the long term tenants and short term members at AWS.

“In such a fast paced digital era, when every dollar counts and competition is fierce across many industry sectors, people we talk to tell us that they don’t want to have to worry about all the extra elements that make an office environment warm, welcoming and a great place to come to work each day. It’s not that they don’t want the best for their people, it’s just that they are very time poor. That’s why we decided to take the head ache out of it for people. When you spend time at AWS, it’s just like being in a 5 star hotel. We have a concierge service, we have coffee, tea and cold drinks readily available for members and their guests, light snacks and we even host weekly and monthly activities to keep people engaged, entertained and educated while they are in our facilities. Our business owners don’t have to worry about any of that, we take care of it all for them.”

Gregor Davie, Community Manager at Art Work Spaces

According to CBRE, the battle to retain talent in what has been Australia’s most impressive economic rebound is a real challenge in the business arena. They believe that the environment that is created for people to come to work is paramount to achieving that holy grail of long term staff retention.

The battle for talent has intensified and businesses are creating spaces that attract the best and the brightest into their organisations.

They are doing this through well-connected buildings with good public transport links, excellent on site amenities and a variety of nearby choices in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Switched on corporates and entrepreneurs want curated experiences throughout the Monday to Friday working week. This includes full concierge services that collect and deliver your mail and dry cleaning, VIP meet and greets, morning yoga, evening win tastings, mid week puppy playtime and Friday knock off drinks and canapes.

“It’s about creating sustainable spaces that foster connection through community, technology and wellbeing.”

CBRE’s Trevor Boddy

So if a hotelised office environment is what you are after for your business, Art Work Spaces in the heart of the Cairns CBD is the perfect locale to check out as it really does tick all the boxes.

Source: CBRE, Evolving Workforce, Insights

By Gregor Davie

By Gregor Davie

Master of Art Work Spaces by day, Mayor Extraordinaire of the Art Work Precinct by happy hour.

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